Modon Participates in Iraq Second Exhibition For Real Estate & Investment

Baghdad - May 2023

Modon Real Estate Development Company participated in the second Iraq Real Estate and Investment Exhibition from 1 to 4 May 2023, which was held in the capital, Baghdad, and this had an effective impact on diversifying the idea of real estate development among the participating companies. And it was distinguished as usual, which are the implementation projects and the implementation of the projects and projects that are planned to be implemented and implemented and implemented and the projects and implemented, which are my city projects in the city of Kirkuk, my home in the city of Tikrit, Buruj, Lavida and the future city in Baghdad. Modon Real Estate Development Pavilion received a great turnout and a remarkable interaction from the audience. It is worth mentioning the prominent presence of some prominent personalities in the board of the Chairman of the Investment Commission in Baghdad, Mr. Al-Hassan Jamil Hassan, and His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Faisal bin Abdul-Majeed, and they were received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Handal International Group, Mr. Wadea Al-Handal, and the Executive Director of Cities, Mr. / Hardan Al-Handal.

Buruj Hotel wins the "Design 2022" Award for the best futuristic design in the Middle East

Dubai - October 2022

Our achievements and our constant passion continue to be at the forefront. Modon Real Estate Development Company, in cooperation with the “DLR” consulting company, won the award for the best future design in the Middle East for the Buruj Hotel from “Design 2022”, which confirms our interest in creativity in design to present new concepts in the development sector. Real estate to take it to the fore. In a joyful ceremony attended by the elite of the pioneers of real estate development and architectural design, the award was received by Mr. Hardan Al-Handal, CEO of MODON, and Mr. Hardan confirmed the company's constant keenness on development and creativity. IBuruj Hotel is a distinctive icon at the entrance to the Buruj residential complex in Baghdad, which is a few minutes away from Baghdad International Airport, with a height of 20 floors, with an international commercial annex, which adds luster and brilliance to the distinctive residential complex in the capital, Baghdad.
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